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ZORTRAX Z-PLA PRO 3D Printer Filament - 1.75 mm - 2.0 kg SPOOL (compatible with M300, M300 Plus and M300 Dual)


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Zortrax Z-PLA PRO Filament

A huge key to Zortrax's incredible print quality is its specially engineered line of Z-filament materials, including this Z-PLA PRO filament. 

Z-PLA Pro biodegradable filament has been designed with superior aesthetics in mind. An addition of chalk gives its surface a unique matte finish and more visible details with gypsum-like texture. The material’s improved composition guarantees reduced shrinkage and practically no warping. That’s why the filament is perfect for 3D printing large architectural mock-ups or complex educational models. High-end conceptual models and decorative elements are also among its applications due to the superb surface quality.

Z-PLA Pro withstands mechanical post-processing, so it’s possible to refine the looks of the models even further when necessary. The eco-friendly filament is available in unique colors particularly popular in architecture. Shades like Concrete Grey and Brick perfectly imitate the real materials, so there’s no need to paint the models. All of the above, makes Z-PLA Pro 3D printing filament a fail-safe solution for effect-oriented architects and designers

Summary Features and Benefits:

  • Engineered for use with Zortrax 3D printers
  • Biodegradable
  • Low shrinkage and warping
  • Unique matte finish
Material PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Print Temperature(℃) 200 - 230 ℃
Bed Temperature(℃) 60 ℃
Weight(g) 2.0 kg
Diameter(mm) 1.75mm
Colors 4 (Cool Grey, Gypsum White, Pure Black, Concrete Grey)

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Check out the Zortrax Z-PLA PRO Material Overview for more information. 

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