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ZMorph VX CNC Pro Tool Head

ZMorph VX CNC Pro Tool Head


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The CNC PRO toolhead for the ZMorph VX turns the 3D printer into a desktop milling machine in a few easy steps.  ZMorph's solid, innovative design gives the VX multi-tool 3D printer the strength to handle the stresses of CNC work, but makes switching between 3D printing and CNC milling a relatively simple process.  The CNC PRO toolhead's mechanical properties allow it to work with almost every type of wood, including beech, oak, maple, walnut, pine, chestnut, and more. It can also mill and engrave in plywood, machining wax, acrylic glass, and PVC foam.

Use the CNC PRO toolhead with the VX CNC worktable.

Compatible materials include:  ABS, Nylon, HDPE, PTFE, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PVC, HIPS, LDPE, PET, Carbon, CCL FR4, Dibond, TCF, Wood, Plywood, Wood fiber boards, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Cardboard, Machining Wax, Modeling Board and Styrodur

Technical Specifications

Material Stainless Steel housing
Hot End ER-11 1/8" COLLET
Spindle Motor DC Motor
Default Work Speed
5 mm/s
Max Work Speed
120 mm/s
Work Area
up to 250 x 235 x 85 mm
Recommended Cutting Depth 0.5 mm for soft wood and polymers
Max Cutting Depth 15 mm for ø 3 mm bit
Tool head Dimensions 90 x 55 x 175 mm

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