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ZMorph VX Laser PRO Tool Head (Includes Safety Glasses)


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Create custom PCBs and leather goods, engrave on wood and cardboard, and cut EPP foam or laser foil with the Laser PRO toolhead for the ZMorph VX multi-tool 3D printer.  The Laser PRO toolhead is equipped with a 2.8 W Blue Laser diode, and the toolhead is compatible with ZMorhp VX's interchangeable tool head system, so it's easy to swap.

We recommend using the Laser PRO toolhead with the VX CNC worktable.

Compatible materials include: Leather, Felt, Laser Foil, Cardboard, Foamiran, Wood fiber boards, Plywood, Wood, EPP foam, EVA foam

Safety Warning: Laser beam can damage your eyesight and be harmful to your skin.
Always wear protective glasses while working with the toolhead. Every Laser Toolhead includes protective goggles.  Also, never put your hands or other body parts under working Laser Toolhead.  Use in a well-ventilated area.

Technical Specifications

Material High quality CNC-milled aluminum
Laser Type 2.8W Blue Laser
Default Work Speed
15 mm/s
Max Work Speed
120 mm/s
Work Area
up to 250 x 235 x 85 mm
Recommended Cutting Depth 1.0 mm for cardboard
Max Cutting Depth 5 mm for cardboard
Tool head Dimensions 90 x 55 x 65 mm

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