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ZMorph VX 1.75 mm Dual Pro Plastic Extruder Tool Head

ZMorph VX 1.75 mm Dual Pro Plastic Extruder Tool Head


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ZMorph's Dual Pro Extruder with its single-nozzle mixer hot end enables two color or two material 3D printing with your VX 3D printer, with advanced features like printing with water soluble support material, image mapping, and color blending.  It is compatible with the ZMorph interchangeable tool head system and can be easily swapped with any other tool head in just a few steps. The Dual Pro Extruder Tool Head works with 1.75mm filaments, like ABS, M-ABS, PLA, HIPS, Flex materials, and PVA, as well as other filament materials.

Material High quality 3 mm aluminum frame
Hot End Mixer hot end equipped with filament mixer. Designed for 1.75mm filament
Temperature Control
1 thermistor
Temperature Range (℃)
0 - 255°C
Nozzle 0.4 mm
Motor Nema 11 stepper with planetary gear (x2)
Extrusion Direct Drive
Recommended Printing Resolution 0.2 mm
Supported Printing Resolution 0.025-0.4 mm
Extruder Dimensions 170 x 115 x 70 mm

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